Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Accordia prioritizes its commitment to closing the racial wealth gap through a variety of efforts, including creating greater access to homeownership opportunities and well-paying careers for marginalized groups. Accordia creates projects that put an emphasis on inclusion and access by expanding opportunities for participation through all aspects of real estate development, from ownership to design, construction, and operations. We aim to leverage our projects to generate economic growth for minority-owned, women-owned, small and locally owned businesses and for residents in the surrounding communities. Accordia also aims to foster a genuine and authentic sense of community by engaging early and frequently in the development process through building relationships with local non-profit organizations and neighborhood civic organizations before and after project completion.

“Diversity is being invited to the party… Inclusion is being asked to dance.”


Season 1, Episode 2: Racial Equity and Real Estate with Kirk Sykes

Revitalize Boston Neighborhoods

Creating Change: An Action Plan For Diversity And Inclusion

The collision of COVID-19 and George Floyd’s killing has laid bare the inherent racism in our country, as well as the longstanding disparities in healthcare, education and wealth creation. If we don’t seize this moment to change, tens of thousands will have died in vain, on the backs of tens of thousands more that preceded them since the birth of our nation.

Accordia Partners (a minority business enterprise, or MBE), set out to become one of Americas most significant real estate platforms. Significant to us means creating change through real estate development and investment. Change in ownership, businesses, jobs, training and education; with the goal of uplifting the communities we build in. Most importantly, we pursue diverse and inclusive change intended to address the wealth gap and create places that are healthy and safe for all!

The recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many more, have broadly revealed to us all the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and fear that people of color experience every day in this country. For all in the real estate business, it is incumbent on us to recognize that we have contributed to that feeling, whether purposefully or not. We have benefited from privilege that has allowed us to exclude many, and benefit a few of our choosing. Whether conscious, or unconscious, we have yet to include the diverse citizens that built, maintain and love our country. Yet, in just 20 years, these diverse individuals will comprise a majority of the county that has not embraced them. This will not end well, unless we take action now!

The Accordia leadership recognizes that concrete actions must begin now, and we commit to use our development platforms to further advance these Diverse and Inclusive (D&I) initiatives immediately.

1. Build D&I Businesses – We have created with Eastern Bank, The Foundation for Business Equity for Buildings Program, meant to support and empower local MWBE small businesses.

2. Create D&I Jobs – We will continue to set hiring goals that are significantly higher than anything that is required of us.

3. Provide D&I Job Training – We analyze the job opportunities that building creates, and train for the skills needed across the wide range of real estate activities.

4. Offer D&I Education – We prepare the next generation to access opportunities that don’t currently exist, and new careers in real estate.

5. Access D&I Housing – We produce affordable rental and homeownership that creates wealth, health and safety.

6. Create D&I Teams – Build design, construction, and management teams that execute our projects.

7. Provide D&I investment Opportunities – We invite people of color from the communities we build in to invest in each of our projects.

8. Invest in D&I Communities – We invest a portion of the profits we create back into the communities we build in to benefit those most in need.

In light of the devastation of the last few weeks and months, our country must now take action in order to heal. The D&I Actions Accordia is taking are grounded in positive and proactive behavior; Build, Create, Provide, Teach, Access and Invest. Only through these cathartic and equitable efforts will we be able to move forward together. We challenge you to join us in this pursuit.

Accordia stands firmly with The Black Lives Matter Movement and all organizations who are seeking the kind of substantial and immediate change necessary to improve the lives our society has left behind for so many years.

[Accordia is a word founded from Accord; agreement or to give or grant someone (power, status or recognition).]

We seek to empower our fellow human beings through our efforts, and to reach the kind of harmony and unity our name Accordia implies. In this moment, we have never needed these traits in our society more, and we can only succeed if we value every life equally and seek to lift up our fellow man and woman. The moment is now.

Let us seek Accord.

Accordia Partners (Kirk Sykes & Dick Galvin, Co-Managing Partners)


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